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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where to Buy Trains, buildings, and accesories

If you have a collection of model trains or are considering starting one something you will have to do is buy trains. Instead of buying the $50-$500 sets from hobby shops or local stores you can search online. Sites like eBay and Amazon have lots of model trains and they are usially cheaper than what you find loacally. When you are on eBay you can also shop for large packs of accesories that have items from Multiple diffrent companies. When you are on eBay you can also sometimes can find peoples collections which sometimes include 100s of trains, accessories, track, transformers and cars these can price from $0.99-$1200 or more. You can also find small train sets that have 5 or 6 cars and an engine for $0.99-$50 or more.
I Do not often buy trains off of eBay (because close friends and family find these as good presents) but I do often buy buildings, Woodland Sceneics products, and operating accesories from eBay. Accessories also come in packs on eBay and sometimes the are much cheaper than buying them from Lionel or another company.

Popular Places to Buy Model Trains

  • Hobby Shop

  • Train Show




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