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Making Your Layout

    Where to put your layout
    There are many kinds of layouts, there are tabletop layouts, floor layouts, Garden layouts, and portable layouts. You should decide wisely when choosing what kind of layout you want to have.  If you want to have a garden layout then you will need a garden whereas if you have a layout on the floor then you can easily reach any part of the layout and no special space is necessarily.  With a table top layout it might be hard to reach some areas but it is easy to hide wires under the table. Where you put your layout is up to you but remember the advantages of the different kinds of layouts before making your final decision.  

   Preparing the surface
    After you have decided where you want to put your layout you will need to prepare the surface.  Depending on what kind of "biome" you are modeling will change the way your layout must be prepared. I will teach how to make a layout on the floor and on a table.

Table Top
Start by covering the table top with Homasote or  Extruded Polystyrene. Paint the Homasote or  Extruded Polystyrene an earthy brown and  lay flock down on the paint while it is still wet.

When you are using the floor to make your layout you can do 3 different things to prepare the surface 1.leave it how it is  2.paint it an earthy brown and  lay flock down on the paint while it is still wet
3. lay a large sheet of felt down to make it look like grass

 Finishing up
 You can now lay the track down, plug in a transformer and start running trains! 
  you can also buy buildings, trees, and accessories to make your layout better!