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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making Cargo For Your Trains

Do you need cargo for your trains? You can buy cargo packs and logs from the internet or from a hobby store or you can make your own. Making cargo is very simple. Almost anything can be used. you can use craft sticks to make boards and cardboard that is painted tan to look like plywood. Thick copper wire can be used as scrap metal. Aluminum cans can be cut up and used as scrap metal (This can cause cuts though and I am not respnsible for it) Small square peices of cardboard stacked on top of each other can be used to make cardboard boxes. Wood dowels or straws can be used to make pipes and needles can be painted rust red and be used as metal bars. Ballast can be put in a coal car to look like loads of rock. You can use LEGO tires and chains as cargo too although sometimes this does not look very real. Twigs can be used as logs. If you want to make street signs or billboards go to the "Guide To Making Billboards and Street Signs" in our scenery section. If you have a good idea for a way to make cargo for trains please share it with the rest of the world by commenting!

- The Model Railroad 101 Team

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