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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I Made a construction site ( A work in progress ) i Used sand, toy
vehicles and other small things to make it. I ordered a plasticville
house Under construction set to put in the middle. The two tan roads
are a finished driveway

I bought 2 realistic cars from my local hobby shop and used them to
make this small scene the policeman came in a set i got on vacation
Here is a Mountain that I am Making - Coming soon
A Guide to Making Mountains.
Here is one of the finished ends of my mountain.  I Used Glad Press
and seal to make the stream


  1. Wow these all look so real and cool and the frame for your newest mountain looks so real and it is not even painted. I love this site

  2. THANK you for the positive feedback!

  3. Cool definitely coming to this site for model train help